West African Queen

Well hello, how do you stumble onto my tumblr ?!?!... Anyway I'm glad your here. Since you're here I assume you want a look into my life so here a formal introduction....

I've lived on the world for 16 years so far. I'm was born in New York but my heart belongs to Sierra Leone. I also happen to be a young professional actress. I've come to find that Life and I have a love and hate relationship. I hope that you'll allow me to bring you on the crazy roller coaster ride that is my life. Enjoy my life in pictures!!!!

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Respect the gap bitches
Now this is what life truly feels like
There are some moments that I could stay in foever.
Momma said your a pretty girl, they said lighter is better.
I love my Timms and Skater skirts
Head held high, now I will conquer the world.